1. Getting Started

Just type https://www.wrightresearch.in/ in your web browser.  Go to the ‘Start Investing’ button on the top right corner. Then hover down and click ‘Mutual Fund’

A new page will open with all the Mutual Fund Portfolios offered by Wright Research.  Click on any of the mutual fund portfolios from the 5 choices shown below

Once you select your preferred Mutual Fund Portfolio all the details about that particular fund will be displayed. You can scroll down and click on ‘Download Report’’ or ‘Blog Post’ to get access to detailed information

2. Subscription Process

Once you are on the page that displays all the relevant information about your preferred mutual fund, you need click on ‘Subscribe Now’ button, visible on the top right corner.

If you're not already signed into your account, you'll be asked to sign in with your details. Just sign-in or sign-up into to your Wright account or choose to login using your Google account.

Once you're logged in, you'll be redirected to the KYC page where you'll be asked to fill your Pan card number, date of birth & your contact number. Once your number is verified, you can proceed further and click on update.

It is important to note that if your pan card is not KYC compliant, you'll not be able to proceed further.

After the KYC status, you will be directed to do your ‘Risk Profiling’. Answer all the questions carefully. Once all questions answered, you will know your risk profile score and you will be defined as a Conservative / Moderate / Aggressive investor.

The next step is to sign the agreement. To sign the agreement, there will be an OTP that will be sent to your e-mail. Enter the OTP and click on sign agreement.

After signing the agreement, you will be directed to the Plans & Payment page. More information on the pricing plans can be found on the FAQ section. You can use multiple options to pay for the plan you selected.

The last step in the subscription process is to enter your personal details and ‘Open an Investment Account’. You will also need to fill in your bank details, upload a cancelled cheque and share nominee details.

3. Investment Process

Once the subscription process is completed, you will notice that the ‘Subscribe Now’ button on the top right corner has changed to ‘Invest Now’. You need to click on the ‘Invest Now’ button.

As soon as you click on ‘Invest Now’ there will be a pop-up to Execute Trade. The minimum investment amount is displayed and the quantity and name of each Mutual Fund in this portfolio is shown.

Fill your preferred amount or stick with the minimum investment amount, scroll down and click on ‘Execute Trade’

When clicked on ‘Execute Trade’ you will have the option to invest lump-sum or start a SIP by creating the mandate.

Now you will need to make the payment for the investment amount. The account details filled in the process of ‘Open an Investment Account’ will only be visible to make the payment.

4. View Allocations

Once the payment is made you can simply scroll down and see your Current Allocations, Order Status & Holdings

Here's a video guide through the subscription process as well