What are Wright Research Mutual Funds?

It is a Data-Driven and AI-curated Mutual Fund Portfolio. The allocation is based on investors' risk profile.

How is Wright Mutual Fund Portfolios different from the Equity Portfolio?

With our mutual fund portfolios, your money is allocated across multiple direct mutual funds. While in an equity portfolio, you invest all your money into specific stocks as per the theme or factor you choose.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount across all our mutual fund portfolios is Rs. 10,000/-. All our portfolios on average invest across 6-8 direct mutual funds, which requires a minimum investment amount to be deployed.

What is the maximum investment amount?

There is no maximum investment amount. This ensures, that the effective cost at a portfolio level can be reduced as investors increase their investment amounts in Wright’s Mutual Fund Portfolios.

What is the rebalancing frequency?

All mutual fund portfolios are rebalanced semi-annually (every 6 months).

Why is the rebalancing frequency every 6 months?

Mutual funds portfolios are rebalanced every 6 months to reduce unnecessary redemptions, be cost efficient and ensure optimal returns. It minimises expenses and shields your investments during turbulent times.

What is the subscription fee?

The 6 month plan is priced at Rs. 1,500/-, and is currently available at just Rs. 1,000/- as we are currently running an inaugural discount of Rs. 500/-.

Is it possible to switch between various funds?

Yes, Flexible Fund Swapping is possible. We've got you covered with an easy switch-out process.

Why should you choose Wright Mutual Funds? 

Precision-targeted risk: We assess your risk tolerance and craft a diversified mutual fund portfolio that fits you like a glove. High-risk? We'll focus on equities. Low-risk? We'll lean on bonds.

 AI-powered market forecasts: Our smart platform anticipates market trends and adjusts your allocations to maximize returns. Ride the waves of trending markets with high-risk investments, or find shelter in lower-risk assets during volatile times.

 AI-curated perfection: We use AI-driven performance and risk forecasting to handpick an optimal mix of mutual funds, custom-tailored to your investment profile.

How many mutual fund baskets / portfolios are listed on the website? 

Currently there are 5 tailor-made portfolios for every risk appetite:

1️⃣ Conservative: Play it safe with 80%+ debt allocation, focusing on direct mutual funds, banking & PSU funds, and sectoral equity funds without credit risk.

2️⃣ Moderately Conservative: Balance is key with 60-79.99% debt allocation, featuring direct mutual funds and options for no credit risk debt and sectoral equity funds.

3️⃣ Balanced: Embrace harmony with 40-59.99% debt allocation, centred on direct mutual funds and no credit risk debt funds.

4️⃣ Moderately Aggressive: Go big with 20-39.99% debt allocation, targeting direct mutual fund investments and no credit risk debt fund options.

5️⃣ Aggressive: Unleash your potential with 0-19.99% debt allocation, focused on direct mutual fund investments and no credit risk debt funds.

Is a Demat account necessary to invest in Wright’s Mutual Funds?

No, a Demat account is not necessary to invest in Wright’s Mutual Funds baskets / portfolios. 

What is the investment process? 

There are 6 simple steps to embark on your AI-powered investment journey:

1️⃣ Sign up: Create your account on our platform

2️⃣ KYC & Agreement: Submit KYC documents and fill out an agreement

3️⃣ Risk & Allocation: Share your risk profile and desired asset allocation

4️⃣ Portfolio Perfection: Pick from our curated range of mutual fund portfolios tailored to your profile

5️⃣ Seamless Payments: Invest effortlessly via UPI or Netbanking.

6️⃣ Rebalance & Relax: Enjoy automatic rebalancing every 6 months for low turnover and maximum returns

For a comprehensive understanding of the process you can watch this video :