This is an intraday options buying strategy traded on the hedged option strangles on weekly expiry. We will be buying a call strangle or put strangle based on momentum signals based on market conditions.

Investment Strategy and Approach

This is a good strategy for retail to run algos on small capital. This is a highly leveraged option buying strategy that takes can earn a good return month on month on the capital deployed.


UniverseNifty Banknifty Weekly Options
Holding PeriodIntraday square off
ExposureHedged strategies on index options
LeverageAs per exchange ~5X
Turnover100% a day
Risk Management

This is a highly leveraged options buying strategy. We do not recommend anyone who does not have an understanding of derivatives and options and the risk associated with them to use this.

Backtested Performance

Find more on our website: https://www.wrightresearch.in/portfolio/option_buying/

How to invest?

How to subscribe via Tradetron:

1. Go to https://tradetron.tech/ and signup for a new account
2. After subscription & verification reach our strategy page https://tradetron.tech/strategy/1723950
3. Subscribe to the strategy by clicking the subscribe button
4. After subscription, you have to go to Strategies -> My Strategies
5. You'll find the "Options Momentum Intraday" strategy there, click on deploy
6. Choose your preferred mode of deployment -> paper trading, live offline, live auto one click or live auto
7. Note for live auto deployment you'll need a paid tradetron account, you can pay 250 Rs/month to get one
8. There are integration instructions for each broker on the platform. For example, for Zerodha the instructions are here https://tradetron.tech/html-view/configure-zerodha
9. Once deployed, you'll start receiving the trades as and when they happen, in your preferred mode -> live, offline or paper trading.

10. We will post a invoice to you at the end of the month based on the profit the strategy generated in the month.