If you are looking to just get access to our portfolios without broker integration or execution you can directly get the allocations from our website!

For a quick guide you can watch this video:

Here's how it goes:

1. When you reach a portfolio like: https://www.wrightresearch.in/portfolio/balanced/ you can choose to access via Wright:
 2. When you click subscribe, you'll be asked for your PAN number for KYC and Risk Profiling questionnaire

3. After you give us this information, you'll reach the agreement page that you can sign via OTP

4. After the OTP step you will reach the Razorpay Payment gateway, where you can finish the transaction & get access.

Now, that you have access on the same page you'll get allocations to trade for any amount. You can download the allocations in csv format and execute the trades

When we rebalance the portfolios the rebalance notifications will be emailed to you and you can come back to the portfolio page and view them.