Wright Research is a Mumbai-based SEBI Registered Investment Advisory firm and an AI-powered Robo advisor creating multi-factor tactical model portfolios. It was founded in 2019 by Sonam Srivastava (IIT Kanpur alumnus). Wright Research uses Deep-Tech, AI & ML modules to invest and a smart beta-based investment strategy backed by quantitative research. It’s a complete computer-based strategy that reduces the possibility of silly human errors and manages the risk effectively and efficiently. Their quant research-based portfolios like Wright Momentum have given up to 59.23% CAGR in the last couple of years.

Wright Research offers two types of portfolios: the Core and Thematic portfolios. Core portfolios are tactical portfolios that allocate to the best-performing themes or factors, and asset class and Thematic portfolios are based on a particular theme like momentum, innovation, etc.

These portfolios use investment philosophies like equity factor research & market regime modeling. For equity factors, they use data science techniques to research various themes in the market like momentum, value, growth, quality, etc. and build robust portfolios with these themes. Wright Research uses advanced machine learning models for market regime modeling to forecast market risk in the next month & quarter. They change their allocations to factors and asset classes based on this.

The firm recently has raised an undisclosed amount of pre-seeds funds from (BRTSIF), Govt. of India, Nidhi SSS. NASSCOM has also awarded it under the top 50 AI Gamechanger startups.

Here's a video introduction by the founder